Are your staff all Christian?

Our leaders and many of our staff are Christian. All staff understand that Indwell is a Christian organization and support the values of the organization.

Do your tenants need to be Christian or subscribe to the same beliefs?

No. People come to us because they need affordable housing and support. Indwell exists to provide hope and homes for all. Our supports, services, and employment are open to people from every creed, race, ethnicity, sex, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Indwell’s leadership are motivated by the example of Jesus Christ as reflected in … Read more

What does it mean that Indwell is a Christian organization?

Indwell is a Christian organization. Our leadership is made up of Christians, and our organization is guided by Christian values. This may best be reflected by our organizational values, and strategic plan. Our Values We value the inherent dignity of all people as image bearers of God. We live out our Christian calling to love our … Read more

Send a note of encouragement

Now more than ever, it is important that our tenants feel connected with others, even if they cannot be physically connected. Send a note of encouragement to be shared with our tenants who are feeling isolated at this time.

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