Plan today to bless others tomorrow

Every day, over 1,000 people in Southern Ontario who were homeless or who came from precarious housing wake up in homes that are safe and secure. Formerly isolated, they are part of a welcoming community and have access to Indwell support staff.

This is because people like you are heeding Jesus’ call to love your neighbour as yourself by sustaining the affordable housing programs provided by Indwell.

But many more people in our cities and towns are at risk of homelessness and isolation, often as a result of mental illness, addictions and other disabilities. Indwell has an ambitious plan to create more affordable housing communities to support people seeking health, wellness and belonging.

You can be a part of creating these affordable housing communities through a gift to Indwell. Through a gift in your Will, or another planned gift, you will be a vital contributor to providing more people with hope and homes.

Seven things you can do now to make a difference tomorrow

1. Prepare a Will (or update your existing one).

If your Will is more than five years old, review it to ensure it still reflects your wishes and your current family and financial situation. Having an up-to-date Will ensures that others know and are able to fulfill your wishes. Your Will is an important way to care for your family and loved ones and sustain the charitable activities important to you.

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2. Include a gift (bequest) in your Will to charity.

This can be a specific amount or percentage of your estate. Up to 100% of your net income in the year of your death (and preceding year) can be claimed as a charitable donation, which can result in considerable tax savings on your final income tax return.

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3. Donate non-cash assets.

Non-cash assets include stocks, bonds, real estate or commodities. Consider donating them now or through your estate. When you transfer publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value to a registered charity like Indwell, you do not pay income tax on the increase in the value (the capital gain), and you can still claim the full market value as a charitable tax credit.

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4. Consider using your savings for an Impact Loan with Indwell.

Indwell offers competitive rates on loans of $10,000 or more, for both open and closed terms of up to five years. Interest can be paid to you on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis, or you can choose to receive a donation receipt in lieu of interest payments. If you already have an Impact Loan with Indwell, consider forgiving all or a part of your loan through your Will or estate plan.

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5. Consider naming Indwell as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or life insurance policy.

Naming a registered charity like Indwell as the beneficiary of a RRSP or RRIF will offset the income tax you must pay in the year of death and eliminate probate fees related to these funds. Naming Indwell as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy can be considered separate from the rest of your estate and will not incur probate fees.

6. Plan an estate consultation with Christian Stewardship Services (CSS).

CSS is trusted by Indwell to provide you with estate planning advice and tools that reflect your wishes, family and life stage, and asset structure. An estate consultation is terrific preparation for meeting with your lawyer to draw up your Will or to review your estate plan. An estate consultation with CSS is confidential, is available to you at no cost, and does not involve any obligation on your part.

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7. Encourage your family and friends to make a Will or update their Wills and suggest that they include their favourite charities in their estate plans.

Remind them that without a Will, care for their dependents and distribution of their estate will be determined according to impersonal laws, which may not reflect their wishes and values.

Plan your giving with indwell

Include Indwell in your will or estate

A gift to Indwell in your will or estate plan is a special way for you to concretely demonstrate your values and continue the good work that you are already supporting.

Support Indwell with a gift of non-cash assets

Donating securities can be an effective way to support Indwell that will also provide you with significant tax advantages.

Build Indwell's future with an impact loan

An Impact Loan to Indwell provides you with a special opportunity to invest in building new affordable housing projects.

Agents for Hope™ offers Realtors, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents a way to improve the lives of people in their communities through affordable housing with supports.


Lawyers are joining together to help solve their community’s most troubling issues—homelessness and lack of affordable housing—through the creation of affordable housing with supports.

Send a note of encouragement

Now more than ever, it is important that our tenants feel connected with others, even if they cannot be physically connected. Send a note of encouragement to be shared with our tenants who are feeling isolated at this time.

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