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Affordable Housing Sector Leads Transition to Energy Efficient Construction in Oxford County

The first multi-residential unit building built in Woodstock to the Passive House standard for energy efficiency was among the recipients of a pre-election funding announcement this week.

Blossom Park is designed to reduce energy consumption through passive design and the use of energy efficient materials. It seeks to meet conservation goals outlined in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan and be recognized as a leader in environmental action.

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The Hamilton Spectator

Jeff Mahoney: Two kids, taking a ‘stand’ for community, and giving it back to Indwell’s The Commons in Hamilton

If you’re supposed to make lemonade when life gives you lemons, as they say, what are you supposed to do when life (or mom) skips the lemons and goes right to giving you the lemonade, already made?

Why, you make a lemonade stand, of course. It’s summertime, after all. And so to move the saying forward: if life gives you a lemonade stand, make lemonade sales, at 50 cents a cup.

And lastly, if life gives you money from lemonade sales (more than you ever expected), what should you make then? A trip to the toy store? No, if you’re Brady and Jesse Dutra, what you make is a … difference.

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Woodstock Sentinel Review

Oxford receives federal, provincial funding for affordable housing

Nearly $8 million in federal and provincial funding will be heading into Oxford County to help add 130 new affordable housing units.

In a joint announcement with provincial, federal and municipal leaders, as well as local developers, a commitment of $7.8 million was announced that should help ease the growing need for affordable housing in the Oxford region.

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Indwell Staff

Catherine McKenna Interviews Graham on Passive House [VIDEO]

I love when I run into stories like this! @IndwellCA's Graham stopped me to speak about this affordable housing project that saves people money and reduces energy consumption — cutting emissions by up to 65%. 🏡 Good for our communities and good for our environment! #HamOnt — Catherine McKenna 🇨🇦 (@cathmckenna) August 8, 2019

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