Harvey Woods Lofts - Phase I

18 Vansittart Ave, Woodstock, Ontario

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Harvey Woods Lofts was completed in the Spring of 2015.  A Grand Opening took place on June 25 at 9 am at the building on 18 Vansittart Ave, Woodstock.  

Tenants began moving in the third week of August, 2015.

Harvey Woods Lofts was left derelict for 20 years before being purchased by Indwell late in 2012.

The Back Story of Indwell's Harvey Woods Lofts

The Harvey Woods company in Woodstock has a storied past going back to the early 1900’s.

Harvey Woods Ltd. was one of the city’s largest employers with close to 1,000 workers by the mid-1970’s. However, economic factors forced the textile factory to close in April 1990. The building, vacant for almost two decades, remains a legacy of a lost industrial past. Today, all of that is changing.

Indwell, then Homestead Christian Care, purchased the building in October, 2012, with plans to restore and convert it into affordable apartments. Executive Director Jeffrey Neven says, “Our 36 years of experience supporting individuals and families living with a mental illness or other disability underpins this new project. When we opened in Oxford County in 2004, we purchased a group home building on Blossom Park Road. Today we serve 26 individuals in that same group setting. Recognizing the lack of independent affordable housing in the county, we added 27 one-bedroom apartments in 2008.” (See more about about Blossom Park HERE.)

Over 400 households are waiting for affordable housing in Oxford County. The harsh reality many face is the widening gap between the cost of local apartments and what they can afford. By adding 54 units with this new project, Indwell hopes to make a real difference.

It requires contributions from provincial and federal governments, as well as significant capital fundraising from our community and municipal partners. Go HERE for details about donating to this project.