Strathearne Suites

Strathearne Suites (Hamilton, ON)

Strathearne Suites

311 Strathearne Ave, Hamilton, ON

Parkdale Landing and Strathearne Suites




People living in these apartments:

are receiving income support benefits

Tenants in these apartments have ODSP or similar source as their income.

Can live independently

Tenants in these apartments are able to clean their own apartment and do their own laundry independent of Indwell, although short-term support may be possible at times.

benefit from additional support services

Tenants in these apartments benefit from having support from nurses, social workers, housing workers, peer support, recreational therapists, and food support in addition to any similar supports they already have in place (such as social workers, case managers, doctors, psychiatrists, personal support workers, etc.)

are in need of mental health support

Tenants living in these apartments are mostly people who have been homeless for a long time, have been in and out of the hospital or in police services, are dealing with addictions, have not had success in group homes, and/or usually live with complex mental health illness or other conditions.

have 24/7 on-call support

Tenants in these apartments have access to 24-hour on-call support, but there is no overnight staff coverage.

receive basic needs in addition to housing

Tenants living in these apartments receive a furnished studio/bachelor apartment and are provided one meal a day.

have a plan in place

Tenants in these apartments are provided services in the context of a well thought-out plan of support.

Are mostly single

Tenants living in these apartments are mostly single, but Parkdale Landing can support couples with high support needs.

Tenants who need barrier free apartments will be considered for our Parkdale Landing Apartments.

Wondering if Indwell is right for you?

Is Indwell Right for You?

Indwell rent is deeply affordable for people who have an income such as Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or something similar.

Indwell’s housing programs include a variety a spectrum of support to meet the many different housing and health needs that people living with disability face.

If you answered yes to both of these questions, Indwell’s housing programs could be right for you.

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