There's No Place Hope Like Home

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Indwell creates affordable housing communities where people can experience health, wellness, and belonging. More than just building homes, we form intentional communities where people can flourish.

Your gifts help ensure that our programs are sustainable in the long run so that hope is not just a four-letter word, but something that is real.

Stories of Hope

"In late August, [my patient] came to my office and told me he had fantastic news. He had been accepted to Indwell! ... He was excited about moving out of the shelter and having a place that was truly his own. He was excited that he could lock a door and feel safe at night. He was excited that he would have his belongings and not worry about them being stolen. And, more importantly, he was excited that he could have his books. All of them."​

Finding Wholeness: Indwell provides not only affordable housing but community

In November of 1987, a year before I was born, my parents took a ski trip for a short time away without their two kids. …

give someone the gift of hope today


Gift Ideas

Sponsor a Crock Pot Cooking Class

$600 x 4

Support Suicide Prevention Training


Provide Online Connections

$450 x 12

Buy a Bench

$800 x 17

Encourage a Love of Reading

$350/mo x 10

Furnish an Apartment

Give for a Gazebo

$8,000 x 2

Bring on the Bike Rack


Help Tenants Get Out and About

$2,500 x 4

Cultivate Creativity

$2,000 x 2