Hamilton is Home

What is "Hamilton is Home"?

We are allies in development. Hamilton is Home is an alliance of community housing providers. We remain independent non-profits or registered charities. We are non-partisan and work with all elected officials to help advance housing solutions. We are sharing knowledge and experience so that every community and public investment can achieve maximum and permanent public benefits. New allies are welcome to join us as developers, advocates, and informers. We are committed to achieving transformative housing solutions so that our community can thrive

Why was "Hamilton is Home" created?

Hamilton’s rental prices are skyrocketing, leaving many people struggling to cover life’s basic needs. As community housing providers, we see a unique opportunity to change this reality by building significant new affordable and supportive housing.

Our goal is to build 3,000 new affordable apartments in the next three years. This will functionally eliminate the housing waiting list, help end homelessness and chronic hospitalizations, and provide housing stability for thousands of individuals and families who live and work in Hamilton’s economy.

An inclusive community needs equitable access to high-quality, safe, and affordable housing. We are committed to making these new developments reflect Hamilton’s diversity. True affordability, accessibility, and energy efficiency will define this housing portfolio.

This ambitious goal is a feasible one – it is not fantasy. We collectively have the expertise, track record, and sites to get started now and follow through. With support from our community, local MPs, MPPs, and City Council, we can align each investment to achieve greater strategic impacts. Most of the funding is already available through the National Housing Strategy.

How you can help

We want your insights on Hamilton’s housing situation. This can be your first-person experience, a family or professional perspective, or your view from another angle. We will use your input in two ways:

  1. To help shape the actual housing projects we develop
  2. To encourage our civic leaders to align investments to maximize public benefits

 You can share your input by sending a message in the form below, or by sending a letter of support (check out an example here). You can address the letter to a specific civic leader (eg. Minister Filomena Tassi, your MPP, or your City Councillor) or to any Hamilton is Home partner. It is especially valuable to receive your input this summer as we build momentum towards achieving these transformative goals.

Thank you for your support!

ask us a question, or send us your input


Send a note of encouragement

Now more than ever, it is important that our tenants feel connected with others, even if they cannot be physically connected. Send a note of encouragement to be shared with our tenants who are feeling isolated at this time.

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