Cross-Regional Teams: One chord, many strings

In each city in which we work, Indwell supports tenants through interdisciplinary teams.

Recently, we added Cross-Regional Teams to enhance each program’s on-site supports. These teams gather regularly with staff from across our program regions to facilitate resource sharing, plan and implement education initiatives, promote and raise awareness of emerging issues in the Indwell community, and integrate care consistently throughout the entire organization. They also serve as a reference for the training and development of new staff.

We have Cross-Regional Teams for program managers, program supervisors, housing support workers, intake coordinators, facilities staff, food security staff, peer support workers, addictions support workers, nursing staff. Each team develops work plans on projects related to their specialty, such as training new team members, hosting webinars, and creating educational materials that benefit tenants, prospective tenants, staff, and supporters. The teams support our Human Resources department in the hiring of new employees, and-perhaps, most significantly-build an integrated team experience across our growing organization.

Cross-Regional Teams at Indwell are more than a helpful resource: these groups are hubs of care and support, and have been there for one another in complex situations throughout the challenges of the pandemic.

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