Why Indwell?

Like me, have you ever felt guilty about not giving money to someone standing at the street corner because you wondered if they would use it for food or for drugs? Have you ever crossed the street when you saw someone sleeping rough or heard someone shouting at the wind?

Like those who write to the editorial section of the newspaper, I want governments to find a solution.

Unfortunately, there are many problems that we wish the government would solve.

But no one likes it when governments increase taxes to pay for new services. And many people argue that the government may not run things as cost effectively as private business.

Which is why I feel organizations like Indwell are so important.

Governments today are looking for partners – organizations that have a proven track record of providing necessary services. Organizations like Indwell.

For every dollar that Indwell raises from people like you and me, they are able to access up to $7 in other funding.

Governments don’t want to replace these organizations, they want to support them which is why for every dollar that Indwell raises from people like you and me, they are able to access up to $7 in other funding.

There is a growing awareness that everything is interconnected. That social justice, economic justice and environmental justice are just different sides of the same coin. That we need to take a holistic approach.

One thing I love about Indwell is that they understand this.

When Indwell has control over the construction of their buildings—like they do at Embassy Commons—they build to Passive House standards. This means that it is well insulated, that they install solar panels on the roof and have highly efficient heating systems. Too often when public housing is built it is built to the lowest building standards, which means that the cost for operating these buildings is higher. Indwell believes that if you invest in high quality building systems, you keep operating costs low.

These are long term investments for affordability, comfort and for the planet. These buildings are also designed to enhance a sense of community, with spaces to meet and to eat together. Because Indwell does more than treat the symptoms:

• It’s more than just shelter beds,
• It’s more than just food banks and soup kitchens,

It is homes with hope for a better tomorrow rooted in community.

That is why I support Indwell, and hope you will too.

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