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Neighbours are building links  —  not walls  —  in Chatham-Kent
Chatham - bridge over the Thames River
Chatham - bridge over the Thames River

Watching the news, one might think that “division,” “polarization,” and “isolation” are the words of the day. But when we look around at our communities here in Southern Ontario, we see a very different story.

At Indwell, we’ve always stressed the value of partnerships as a key component of our model. This value has been exemplified all the more as we’ve witnessed the cohesive community support in Chatham-Kent, where individuals and organizations are rallying together to bring 150 units of supportive, permanent affordable housing to this region.

At a council meeting this past December, the city of Chatham-Kent unanimously approved an agreement for one-time funding of $100,000, including a local Indwell launch coordinator position. Deputations were brought forward by Steve Pratt  from United Way, Cherie Saunders from C-K Community Health Centres, Allan Stevenson from CMHA and C-K Health Alliance, Rev. Nate Van Denend from the Council of First Christian Reformed Church Chatham1, Ron Nydam from JP Contractors and Holdings, and Renee Geiole from ROCK Missions.

All of these representatives are partners with NeighbourLink, the network that has been driving this project forward. Compelled by their love for God and neigbhours, NeighbourLink represents a network of churches in Chatham-Kent that work together to provide practical support to people in need.

Indwell has entered into an agreement with NeighbourLink to collaboratively pursue supportive affordable housing solutions in Chatham-Kent. While there may be obstacles outside of our control, we’re confident in the strong support and powerful unity that is present in this community—and we look forward to the possibility of building hope and homes—together.

* On behalf of the following churches:

   • Council of Grace Christian Reformed Church Chatham

   • Council of Calvary Christian Reformed Church

   • Council of Dresden Christian Reformed Church

   • Council of Blenheim Christian Reformed Church

   • Praise Fellowship Church

   • Council of Wallaceburg Christian Reformed Church

   • Session of First Presbyterian Church, Chatham

   • Session of Knox Presbyterian Church, Wallaceburg

   • Gregory Drive Alliance Church

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