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Indwell’s Norfolk Inn re-development project moves forward  —  with a new name

Construction continues on downtown landmark

SIMCOE, ONTARIO, April 28, 2020— Progress continues at downtown Simcoe’s former Norfolk Inn. Affordable housing developer Indwell is pleased to report that the next phase of work will become visible shortly. The top-to-bottom renovation project began last fall with debris and asbestos removals. Work continued over the winter with interior assessment and structural repairs, informing finalized designs for the 32 new apartments and commercial spaces. With a full building permit issued in early April, work will ramp up on exterior work as spring’s weather arrives.

Indwell’s construction teams remain committed to safe workplaces, especially important in this season of COVID-19 uncertainty. As this project is an Essential Workplace under the Province’s Emergency Order regulations, Indwell and Schilthuis Construction of Caledonia are following the guidance of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, local Public Health officials, and industry/union advisors.

“During this complex time, our relational approach to projects is so critical,” says Graham Cubitt, Indwell’s director of projects and development. “We will continue doing our part to support our community’s most vulnerable citizens, ensuring frontline workers and tradespeople have what they need to do their jobs safely every day.”

Henry Schilthuis, the project’s general contractor comments, “We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 implications for our sites every day. Our community’s strength is based on people looking out for each other, and this is very real for us as we maintain safe and healthy workplaces for everyone.”

The informal launch of the project aligns with the formal announcement of a new name for the Norfolk Inn. Honoring the building’s history and importance to Norfolk County, the new Dogwood Suites moniker references the Eastern Flowering Dogwood, the County’s official flower. Stylized elements of Norfolk’s Crest are also incorporated into a new quilt motif on the building, a common feature of prominent buildings throughout our rural community.

“Dogwood Suites will provide our tenants with a new home,” says Leah Logan, Indwell’s Regional Manager. “We know that stable and supportive housing can transform lives, just as this project is helping transform our downtown community for a stronger future.”

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