Indwell Recipient of $20,000 in Lerners’ 90th Anniversary Giveaway!

In May of this year, Lerners announced that in celebration of their 90th anniversary as a law firm, to honour those who have been integral to their success, they would be donating $90,000 to not-for-profit organizations and charities identified by their people and the community-at-large that impacted them in a meaningful way.

The response to the Giveaway was tremendous. In the initial phase, they received more than 250 inspiring submissions representing close to 90 charities. A panel of judges, comprised of lawyers, clients and staff members had the difficult task of narrowing these stories down to their Top 10 Finalists. They then invited the public to vote on which of 10 available donations of up to $30,000 would be made to their 10 Finalists, and received more than 12,000 votes. Here is how the $90,000 will be distributed:

  1. Parkdale Community Legal Services – $30,000
  2. Indwell – $20,000
  3. Days For Girls – $10,000
  4. PHSS (formerly Participation House Support Services) – $7500
  5. Peacebuilders International Canada – $7500
  6. Sunshine Foundation – $5000
  7. Kids Kicking Cancer – $5000
  8. Investing In Children – $2000
  9. Youth Opportunities Unlimited – $2000
  10. Craigwood Youth Services – $1000

Thank you Lerners for this generous donation, thank you to Linda for nominating us, and thank you to our Indwell community for voting for us and supporting us!

From Lerners:

“We started as a one-person shop in 1929, and over the course of 90 years, we’ve grown to become one of the largest firms in Southwestern Ontario. As we reflected on this significant milestone, we realized that we had to look beyond patting ourselves on the back with the typical gala or party. Without our clients, staff and friends, there would be no Lerners story; so, we decided we should give back by contributing to their stories,” said Graham Porter, Managing Partner.

“We were astounded by the overwhelming and supportive reaction to the Giveaway, and humbled by the stories that we read. In addition to the more than 100 charities and organizations that we continue to support on an annual basis, we were grateful to learn more about so many other inspirational organizations in the communities we serve, dedicated to tirelessly supporting so many diverse needs. Every story we received is powerful in its own way, and we’re delighted to be able to give something back.”

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