Indwell recently welcomed Judy Eising to the new position of Director of Donor Relations and Fundraising. Judy’s connection with Indwell started four years ago when her brother Henry, who then lived in Simcoe, mentioned that Indwell had purchased Hambleton Hall to convert it into affordable housing. As a deacon in her church in Guelph, Judy was aware of the desperate need for quality low-cost housing.
She interacted regularly with people squeezed by the rising cost of housing, while the Ontario Disability Support Program rates remained stagnant, and increases in minimum wage were marginal.

Judy had heard of Indwell but didn’t realize there were programs outside of Hamilton. She looked up Indwell and was impressed by the Indwell approach to developing supportive housing communities and their desire to develop these across southern Ontario. She made her first donation to Indwell in support of the construction of Hambleton Hall, and then signed up to become a monthly donor. A few years later, she is now part of the Indwell team, inviting others to join her in supporting Indwell.

Please send her a message or give her a call (1-866-529-0454 x437) to find out more about Indwell programs and the “crazy ambitious” vision that caught her imagination—to provide hope and homes for all. And if Judy contacts you, please invite her over for a conversation to share your story and what you value about the ministry of Indwell.

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