Many Indwell tenants keep a pet. Bobby relaxes at home with one of his cats.

Bobby moved into the Perkins Centre in East Hamilton last fall. He’s known for his contagious smile and his collection of ‘paddy hats.’ “I was a totally different person,” states Bobby. “Before I moved here, I never felt safe. I used to sleep with a knife under my pillow.” Bobby explains that he even used to stack furniture against his door to lock himself away. “My depression can be bad,” says Bobby. “I still have sad days, but I’m starting to come out more.”

Getting to know his neighbours has been a great experience for Bobby. He has been welcomed into his new community and is feeling a sense of belonging. “I’m getting to know people,” says Bobby. “I really like the social events; they are a lot of fun. I love coming downstairs to hear people say, ‘Good morning, Bobby!’”

Bobby has also been volunteering with the monthly Good Food Box, packing fresh fruit and vegetables. “It’s nice to have something to do, something to help out with.” Bobby likes the area, and finds the building is clean and well-cared for. “I love it here.”

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