Our partner project with Hughson Street Baptist Church will receive Passive House certification, and has been featured by several organizations for its innovative building standards.

Indwell was chosen to receive a grant from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)’s Demonstrations Initiative to help us showcase four integral elements of our model. As others continue to ask about our approach to affordable and supported housing, this grant allows us to equip them with the lessons we’re learning and the tools we’re developing. “We’re both humbled and honoured with this grant,” says Jeff Neven, Indwell’s Executive Director. “By sharing the essential aspects of our model with other housing providers here in Ontario—and across the country—we are together moving closer towards achieving our vision of hope and homes for all.”

Over the next 18 months, we’ll be focusing more sharply on talking about both what works and what has been challenging in creating supportive homes, highlighting:

  • You—our donor and support community—and others who provide vision, direction, funding, and financing
  • The supportive service our staff and volunteer teams offer that results in transformed communities
  • Our experiences with innovative technologies in our building design, including the highly energy efficient Passive House standard
  • Community participation strategies, and partnerships with churches, and social service agencies.

As part of the demonstration initiative, we’ll be creating content for print and digital media, and speaking at conferences and elsewhere—all to help other organizations discover their roles in envisioning and creating supportive affordable communities.

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