The Lean-in Podcast: A story of hope and belonging through affordable supportive housing, with Jeff Neven

In this conversation, our CEO Jeff Neven paints a picture of what it takes to live out Christian values  as a housing provider. He does so by explaining Indwell’s response to: what’s driving the housing crisis in Canada; facilitating partnerships with faith communities; their spectrum of  wrap-around services; where dignity and building beautiful buildings meet; the importance of good relationships with tenants; and the adaptive reuse of buildings (not only their preservation but also their redemptive value in brick and mortar and in tenant’s lives). Throughout, Jeff explains that underpinning all that Indwell does, is a commitment to living out the values of dignity, love and hope.

During the podcast Jeff explains:

  • His faith, vocational and family roots, and his business calling
  • What’s driving the housing crisis?
  • Facilitating partnerships with churches, charities and others
  • Myths to be dispelled and whole person solutions
  • Dignity and the purpose for beautiful buildings
  • Current Indwell projects
  • Indwell’s wrap-around services and support teams
  • What it means in practise to be a faith-based organization that is a housing provider
  • The call to be involved: being Jesus to your neighbour!

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