Tenant Artwork

Lighthouse 1

The Beacon

Artist:  Anya G Kater

Artist Statement:

I am a firm believer in light.
That in every darkness
There is a light shining through.
Look closely.
Close your eyes and believe -
Believe in hope and in truth.
For I bear witness to all,
Every private night
Of pain and injustice
I record for all time.
Find a message in the light.
Fight to never be extinguished,
To never be put out.
Take every pain,
And find what good in it you can.
The light must always bear truth,
And with that truth
The light will conquer all.
So let me in,
Let me shine in your life
Bringing warmth and light
Into every fibre of your being.

And I'll be your beacon.

Jim kellys 3 dog night