744 Dundas

Indwell is working towards developing the site of the former Embassy Hotel at Dundas and English. Tricar Development is holding the property while Indwell gathers the necessary resources to carry out the project. Our current designs envision a building with 75 one-bedroom apartments, including offices and commercial space on the ground floor.
Before Proposed Design

744 Dundas

744 Dundas St, London

Help make it happen

Construction Costs

In order to leverage funding from government sources, we must receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from supporters like you.

Furnish an Apartment

New furniture will give tenants a fresh start and an opportunity to build a stable home. Help provide basic furnishings and appliances for their new apartment.

Impact Loans

To raise funds for the financing costs of building projects, Indwell offers competitive rates on loans of $10,000 or more, both open and closed term of up to 5 years.