Caroline Apartments

Caroline Apartments (Hamilton, ON)

Caroline Apartments

249 Caroline St S, Hamilton, ON

Caroline Apartments, Prinzen Flats, Rudy Hulst Commons, and Perkins Centre Apartments




People living in these apartments:

are receiving income support benefits

Tenants in these programs have ODSP or similar source as their income.

are actively seeking recovery

Tenants living in these apartments who have experienced substance misuse should be open about the matter, not currently using substances, in long‐term recovery, and/or receiving treatment.

have housing and health stability

Tenants in these apartments have at least one year of housing and health stability.

are mostly singles and couples

Tenants living in these apartments can be single, couples or single parents with young children. Perkins Centre houses individuals only. 

have supports in place

Tenants in these apartments have appropriate, long‐term supports in place.

sometimes require barrier-free access

Tenants in these apartments who need barrier free units will be considered for Rudy Hulst Commons and Perkins Centre Apartments.

can live indepently

Tenants living in these apartments are able to manage the following tasks independently*:

  • Meal making
  • Housekeeping
  • Getting groceries
  • Managing money
  • Personal care
  • Medications
  • Attending appointments

* If you cannot manage in one of the above responsibilities, you should have support from appropriate services so that you are able to manage independent of Indwell in this area.

are self-aware

Tenants in these apartments have good insight and awareness into their health needs.

can advocate for themselves

Tenants in these apartments are able to reach out for support and advocate for themselves.

Wondering if Indwell is right for you?

Is Indwell Right for You?

Indwell rent is deeply affordable for people who have an income such as Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or something similar.

Indwell’s housing programs include a variety a spectrum of support to meet the many different housing and health needs that people living with disability face.

If you answered yes to both of these questions, Indwell’s housing programs could be right for you.

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