Simcoe Housing Support Services

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Low Support Apartments

People at Hambleton Hall:

  • have ODSP or similar source as their income
  • are experiencing overall health stability
  • are able to reach out when they need support and have good awareness of their health and housing needs
  • are able to manage their own apartment and day-to-day living tasks and can get around the community independently of Indwell (Note: If you cannot manage in one of the above responsibilities, you should have support from appropriate services so that you are able to manage independent of Indwell in this area.)
  • are mostly single but couples or single parents with a young child can also be considered.
  • who need barrier-free units can be considered
  • are open to living in a furnished, bachelor apartment to start unless they require a barrier-free unit (Note: You may apply to transfer to a one-bedroom apartment, as they become available.) 

Click here to download our housing application form.  

To submit your housing application, save or print form, fill out and send by:

  • Email: housing[at]
  • Fax: 905-529-0355
  • Mail: Indwell, 1430 Main St E Hamilton, ON L8K 1C3
  • Or deliver in person to: 203 John Street, Simcoe

For questions, concerns or more information contact us at 905-529-0454 or toll-free at 1-866-529-0454